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this time for sure, Rocky

LJ ate the update post I made last night. V. annoying.

I bagged on the idea of going to shul because I had something every night last week, including a system migration support scheduled supposedly for 5-7 Fri. I didn't get home till past nine. Needless to say I was v. v. tired.

It wasn't all work stuff ... class Monday, a ship of fools meet Tuesday, a luminously beautiful All Souls service on Wednesday ... but I was just wiped out.

Spent much of the weekend being v. creaky. Saturday I was a gibbering fool, but on Sunday morning I slept in (for me) after getting a 4 am on-call call, had a shower, and showed up about two minutes before service with damp hair. I also got a big dose of the music cure: cranked up U2's "Mysterious Ways" as I was getting ready, and had the rest of the brain cells rearranged nicely by the opening hymn ("For all the saints"). I got home and played U2 most of the afternoon and evening, singing loudly and dancing around the house (as I cleaned, etc.).

I have two days off this week and am finally off call. Roll on vacation!