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Upcoming musical events

I'm putting a cut in for those who have no chance of getting to Berkeley the next couple of Sundays or hate church music of various forms.

St. Mark's is having its annual Festival of Lessons and Carols on Sunday the 18th. I got the list of music from the Music Director this afternoon and shall be putting a link on our home page soon. It is quite a joyful noise.

A slightly different variety of musical experience is available at our regular Evensong and Organ Recital series. Evensong is at 5:30 and is a mostly-sung service in a very traditional style with anthems by our Schola Cantorum. The recital starts afterwards, usually at 6:10.

I will note for the liturgically curious that Dec 11 is one of the two Sundays of the year when one of the appropriate liturgical colors is rose-pink. (Yes, we possess the proper vestments. They will be out in full fig in the am, but a couple of pieces will be visible at Evensong.)

A festive reception follows both events.

If you think you may come ... we'd love to have you! Gimme a shout-out, in comments or in email. We are across the street from Cal and parking is not usually a big problem.

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