Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

The week in review

There is both health and work weirdness brewing, although my cold is considerably better due to Zicam. I am hoping that both turn out to be more dramatic-seeming than they are, much like the oven fire Friday night that looked scary but burned out quickly.

I hauled myself into San Francisco for my annual commando raid and found the primary object of my raiding (Disney Store) pretty much doesn't have adult sized clothing any more. That made me cranky, although I found something I wanted online. If this will continue, my days of commando raiding Union Square may be done. I did see ayse and squeezehead, though, which Did Not Suck.

I couldn't find the lemon bar recipe I wanted to make, so I tried another one. Will see at Evensong how they are. Otherwise I'm doing pretty well with my Sugar Free Advent.

I put the Lessons and Carols playlist up on the church's website and will be reading again this year. I got the choice, so I'm doing the same passage I did last year, on the principle that I know it.

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