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my grand day out

Today was a comedy of errors that eventually resolved, but my plans to spend the afternoon making lemon curd with the lovely bag of lemons that the fabulous serenejournal gave me were shot to shit.

I left the binder, with my shopping list and the all important Costco card, at the office. So I toodled in to get them at 6:30.

I had enough time this morning to have breakfast, go to the bank, and dip some truffles before going off to St. Mark's. This turned out to be a Very Good Thing.

We did very well at the Food Bank, but I learned that contrary to my belief, I was NOT an "authorized shopper". They let me have it, but we have to straighten things out. The great thing was that I found canned cannellini beans and noodles - perfect for my planned pasta fazool for 120!

The wonderful guy who loans himself and his Ford Expedition to these outings got a message that "tire pressure very low" so we pulled off the freeway at Ashby (because I knew where a gas station was). He spent about half an hour trying to jack up the car to change the flat, no go, we called AAA (thank God my cellphone batteries held) and sat in the car waiting as it started to rain. It was freakin' cold, too. There are rumors of hail for tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised.

By the time we finally got to Costco, it was raining full on. It continued to rain as we unloaded at St. Mark's. I was chilled to the bone. Finally got home (after a Smokehouse stop) at 3 pm, crawled under the covers, got warm, and conked out.

Woke up at 5, and am considering sleeping again after a couple of hours up.

Am hoping it's much drier and warmer than expected tomorrow when we serve. This cold is un-fun even for those of us with nice warm homes to go to.

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