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the week in re-view

This was my view during lunchtime last Monday:

sittin' by the dock of the bay

I imagine it looks pretty similar today but it's considerably colder. Last week was warm enough for me to purchase and consume ice cream, which I only like doing if it's above 70 F. (This morning it was 40 F in Carmichael, Cradle of Peevers, at 9 am when my dad left for his volunteer work.)

There was snow on the Coast Range quite visible from my stop at Pedrick Produce on the way home, but I wasn't sure where the camera was and it was a bit too nippy for me to dig around for it. I got fairly chilled on the Big Shopping Run (including 1 hour for a flat tire) on Friday, and was out quite a bit in the impending rain on Saturday, so have been somewhat sluggish and warmth-seeking since.

I am home again (jiggety-jog) and thankful that I have the afternoon off. It's been a busy week, with trying to fit five days work into three at the office, running the feed-the-homeless-on-the-patio enterprise (which in general went well, although I am adding things to my personal checklist), church duties, and a smashing party at a pal's place. Many, many glitches but things have (so far) turned out at least okay, even if I haven't had the time for house time/downtime that I wanted. I am very thankful that the cold rain held off until after our dinner service on Saturday. I need to complete some household tasks, and read through the rest of my lesson for tonight's class, but being a slug in the sun after running around like a maniac in the cold is nice.


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Feb. 21st, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
It was so surprising to look out to the west on sunday and see snow on the peaks! I wish I had had the time to drive over and take a closer look.
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