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The sound of shoes dropping

(Note: This was originally posted Tuesday July 6; LJ error messages caused me to post it multiple times, and I may have deleted it multiple times. Please let me know if this shows up more than once. I have backdated it.)

The big news of the morning, of course, was that John Kerry made the obvious and smart balancing choice and named John Edwards as his running mate. I was a bit apprehensive (see my Blogspot blog) mainly because I was not sure about the idea of Edwards as attack dog. Edwards was popular because he stayed On Message, as they say.

But on my way up to Tomatoland, I listened to NPR's "Talk of the Nation" talking about it. It was an interesting program and Political Animal CLB enjoyed it right down to the ground. (I'm actually glad I was interested; Kerry bores me to tears, but I like Edwards a lot.) Before that, I listened to most of a program on KQED's "Forum" which talked about alternative media and the election. Loved the comment by one expert, who said that Dems needed to get off the internet, get out of the theatre (F911), and get their butts out signing up voters.

The big news tonight, courtesy of the Beeb, is that the archdiocese of Stumptown (that's Portland, Oregon to the rest of you) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to pending lawsuit judgements, being the first American archdiocese to do so. While this is not exactly unexpected* among those who have been following this issue, it was even less completely unexpected to me, as I was treated to the reading of a pastoral letter from the Bishop of Orange (County) when I attended Mass with my brother and his family. The letter exhorted Catholics to pray for a fair settlement so that the diocese would not be forced into bankruptcy. If more start following suit in fairly short order, I won't be in the least surprised.

* There may have been some debate among which of the dioceses circling the drain might do it first. Although I thought Boston already had.