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I realized that I hadn't updated for a while, even though I've been more or less keeping up on the flist (if not on other blogs).

(Although I will say to Certain People that you can email me or phone ... blogstalking not necessary.)

Life has been a lot of "one or two steps forward, one or two steps back". I came pretty close to adrenal collapse in the not too distant past thanks to w*rk (couldn't sleep, no appetite, blood pressure down to 95/70) and had a smashing fever last weekend that really killed my brain cells.

Work is still pretty farkin' nuts, although I'm not quite so much in the doghouse. I feel improvement, but it's just tough to maintain given the pace. There have definitely been bumps as well. One step forward, two steps back.

I will try to remember some good things happening - Maggie curled up next to me when I wake up, snacks and board games at serenejournal's party for sogwife, dinner with cat_herder, the Crunchy Phrog, and his seeeester (even if ayse and squeezehead had other plans). They are continuing to treat me well at the church. I got lucky and got the "King David" lesson for my EFM class, which was heckafun.

More later, I hope.

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