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Sucked into the vortex

Yesterday I needed to bake a cake (watch my food blog for details) that requires a 9" square pan. I seem to not have a 9" square pan. I have a 7X11 pan, which is close (81 sq in vs. 77 sq in), but I needed two pans because I was making two. I also needed to get paper plates on which to serve the cake, and some dish soap and bleach. So I went to what ayse calls The Longs of Mystery and Wonder, at 51st/Pleasant Valley and Broadway in Oakland (definitely one of my picks for Best of the East Bay).

I did not find the 9" pan I wanted (they did have another brownie pan but I passed on it, to my later somewhat regret). I did not find the "Grill Strength Pam" for keeping my new grill top clean. I did find the dish soap, bleach, and plates, of course. But I also walked out with a Ball's Blue Book, some jam jar labels, a magnetized gizmo for retrieving lids from hot water, two tins of garden salve from Bonny Doon Farm (always useful for little gifties), and Janet Evanovich's "To the Nines" in paper.

That place is dangerous.

(Note: LJ seems to be a bit unreliable these days - I made this post and the "database was down for maintenance" (at prime time, yeah right). So I might be updating my Blogspot blog more often.)

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