Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

And for something completely different

As I am starting to actually do more things, I recall that I wanted to get myself a Dell laptop before I hauled off to Santa Fe again this year. (Dell because we get a good deal on them.)

The little Inspiron seems nicely portable, and lap-compatible. The ones with big screens seem ... just too big, although for DVD watching it'd be good. Pluses? Minuses? Ideas?

Also, I'm thinking of switching DSL providers ... Sonic is reliable, but I don't need to pay for a fixed IP and extra internet account, and I'm thinking wireless card for that new laptop as well. Any Bay Area recs?

In other news, I was browsing around for MCSA/MCSE study aids and was shocked to learn that there are companies out there that advertise "we will have people take the tests for you and mail you the certificates". On Google. Yikes!!! I was thinking "MCSA/E in a week, cool" and the horror of the truth dawned upon me.

Any tips on good online-available study/test-taking guides? I've got enough dosh to pay for the full Transcenders-with-study-guides, if that helps calibrate. I've never taken an MS test in my life ... so far have made a good living as an "equivalent".

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