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rest makes a difference

I've been saying for a couple of days that if I could catch up on my sleep, I would FEEL GREAT. Well, I'm almost caught up. I am still waking up mid-morning, but I don't have to drag myself out of bed early, so I snooze before sunrise.

I have a much better relationship with food these days. Appetite pretty much seems to be back to normal and I bustled about today doing food prep tasks. I'm still mostly eating take-out (energy for actual cooking is still pretty low, but I'm thinking about it) but it's nice to want to eat.

I bought three paperback mysteries at Black Oak this morning (at full retail, feeling somewhat guilty about the demise of Cody's Telegraph) and read them all. (One errand didn't get done as a result. Ooops.) This is encouraging because I've had about as much appetite for leisure reading as I have for food.

I spent a couple of hours cleaning today. I don't think there are as many science experiments in my fridge. The car needs more work (and a trip to the shop) but I figure my strategy is to do about 1/2 hour daily.

I got my toes done.

I even did an important task I'd been putting off for a while, instead of dinking around with my new iPod (happy birthday to me!).

So it's Cautious Optimism time. I was considerably scatty in the kitchen today ... started making truffles and then went out and cleaned the car before finishing the ganache ... so not out of the woods yet. We'll see how I do if I help St. Mark's cater the reception tomorrow ... full "What was I doing?" brain needed for that operation!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Maya's death; I had considered burying her ashes with some ceremony in the side yard, but I'm Not Quite That Organized Yet. I will take Maggie out for a walk in my arms, much as I took Maya out on that last day for her last sniff outdoors, after I found her paralyzed in the back room.

Over and out!

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