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social Saturday

elissaann was in town to visit her mother and introduce her fiance J, so the fabulous serenejournal arranged a dim sum brunch. I really really like dim sum expeditions with lots of people. This was quite pleasant conversation with people I had for the most part Not Met, although I knew of peripherally due to other people's LJs.

As I was waiting at the restaurant, the phone rang. Temporary worry, as I am on call this weekend. It turned out to be ayse inviting me to lunch, which I had to sadly decline as I had agreed to show E and J around Berkeley a bit. (I like J so I'm happy for E.)

I feel blessed by my circles of friends.

And it was a beautiful day to drive up 580, poke our noses into Sagrada (go Temescal go!), and take a short walk through campus and up and down Telegraph. Although I did forget to point out People's Park (BAD tour guide, no biscuit).

I was a bit discombobulated after dropping them off at BART, but I did manage to at least attend to my EFM lesson. Will be working brain in "work" direction this afternoon after I get back from church.

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