Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Election Day

For the first time in God-knows, I am not voting in an election for which I am present. I realized after the re-registration deadline that my Strategic Voting Party Switch meant that I couldn't vote in the primary that I am usually affiliated with. I was both unexited by the candidates and grooving on the fact that the Off Party means that I don't get nearly as many phone calls.

Turnout will be abysmal (Charlotte's Turnout-O-Meter got a reading of "biiiig yawn"). I realize that I'm not exactly in my normal Political Junkie frame of mind due to My Issues but damn this was a boring campaign. I can't even get het up about the propositions.

My prediction is that the Governator will remember how to campaign and win reelection. It's the Dem's election to lose and especially if Tweedle-even-dumber wins the nom, I think they'll lose it fair and square. I'll vote, if only to give myself the right to bitch.

I will finally re-register, and try to leave my phone # off. I've gotten fewer calls, but the ones I get really piss me off, because they're mostly OHNOES!!TEHGAYS!11!AREDESTROYINGMARRIAGE!! I got a live call from someone the night before Katrina made landfall and was just gobstruck at the fucked up priorities.
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