Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Lost and Found

The Lost Objects entities have been playing with my brain lately.

I found my "you're home free" letter from the IRS ... thirty minutes after I posted off the check to my tax guy without it.

My cell phone went missing for a couple days. It was low battery and had run out so I couldn't call it to find out.

And I put on my blue jeans on Friday to find $200 in cash in the pocket. I had been a bit tapped out for cash, to the point where I raided my bridge toll fund for Farmer's Market money.

This morning I also FINALLY FOUND my laptop's power supply. (Happily there are a bunch of dell laptops at work so I had been borrowing one.)

It's somewhat offset by the fact that a valuable necklace slipped off my neck somewhere between my bedroom and 11th and Oak in Oakland. On the one hand, it's probably as much as I deserve for wearing a Tommy Singer choker to a ball game. On the other, I really liked it. I was remarkably fussed at the time (esp. since traffic jams in Chinatown were fixing to make me late for the ballgame) but am philosophical about it now.

I've baked a cake and given it away, and will be keeping my St. Anthony of Padua card in my purse. I'm not obsessing over getting a new necklace, which considering my shop-a-holic tendencies in the recent past, is a Good Thing.

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