Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

OK, now I'm peeved

Got home last night after picking up some potstickers at the Chinese place. "My," I thought, "the house looks very dark. Maybe the light in the office blew." Got to the door, and there was a tag from PG&E - turned off for non-payment. Thought, "well, I THOUGHT I paid that bill, but it's another example of "I'm not as together as I think I am." Got in, found the candles and matches, ate my potstickers, read (!) a little by candlelight, figured out some night light system that I didn't think likely to burn the house down (velas very very good), and conked out. Got out of bed around 6:45, when it was starting to get light. Had some pre-ground coffee and gas, so (THE YAYS) had my cawfee. When it was light enough to see, I got the box with the new emergency radio out and cranked it up, so I had Weekend Edition with my coffee.

But the last thing I saw, just before I left the house in search of breakfast and an Intarweb connection, was the copy of the PG&E bill I paid online Wednesday.

NOW I'm pissed. Especially since I haven't been switched back on yet.

[ETA - Paid by phone last night, and contacted Customer Service. Currently at the cat herder's snarfing her connection.]

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