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Gratuitous Kitten Cuteness

By popular demand ... here is a picture of the kitten, taken by her foster mom (simplykimberly) about six weeks ago. I have not subjected Herself to the camera treatment, although I will probably start snapping at her ;) shortly. She is adorable, soft, and fuzzy. (Kitten Fuzz!)

She's doing pretty well for a feral kitten. She was really skeerdy and not interested in me at all when I met her, but I got her "on trial". By the next morning I was able to tempt her out of the carrier with some food for petting and play. She still seems easily spooked and will often go for the hiding place when I open the door. (Especially the squeaky door between my bedroom and the bathroom.) On the other hand, when she gets going, she is a big love bug - big purr, likes having her belly rubbed, and when I close the bedrooms up* (to keep Maggie out) and have a nap, I will wake up with her stretched next to me. It's possible that she will just need hidey-holes.

* My bathroom is between the two bedrooms, so if I close both bedroom doors but open both bathroom doors, there's a three room run. She's been spending most of her time in the back bedroom but I want to get her used to the rest of the house.

There was a battle royale the other night when Thing Two (as cat_herder calls her) got out into the bathroom when Maggie was in the bathroom. One of the kitten's nicknames is now Monkey for her poo-flinging abilities - yours truly ended up cleaning both the bathroom floor and Maggie. But the "formal" introduction last night and today wasn't too bad - kitten was in the carrier and Maggie inspected her. Kitten hissed some but Maggie was drama-free. (Which is pretty good because Teh Maggie!1!! hasn't been a terrifically happy camper lately ... I think the neighbor cat's been winning the turf wars.)

No name yet. I had thought "Alice" after my paternal grandmother because said grandmother had a sweet tooth that wouldn't stop and the kitten looks like candy - hot fudge sundae, toffee with cream. But I think she might be "Lucy" ("Lucy Belle" for longer) instead. Looooooooooocyyyyyyyyy!
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