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The hits, they keep on coming

I got inculcated in the Value of Voting as a wee bit lassie. My parents always, always voted (and it was a special thing), and I grew up reading "stories of the suffragrettes" as history, and the headlines of the end of the Voting Rights Movement as daily news. When I got discouraged at the point where I could actually vote (my first two big elections were landslides by the other side), along came the anti-apartheid movement in progressive circles in the US to remind me of the basics. I can count the number of times that I have not voted on the fingers of one hand. It has not often gone "my way", but I say that I soldier on and do it anyway to give me bitching rights for the remainder of the cycle.

Last night it pretty much went "my way", mostly in elections that were way out of my control, although a couple of propositions I really hated seem to be on their way down. After years of suffering, or consoling myself with down-ticket results (we've been contrarian in my state for a while due to a major fuckup by the Reps a dozen years back), I'm smiling.

I was pleased with the results when I went to bed last night - House flipped, statehouses flipped, signs good in the Senate and some of the more notable whackjobs (Blackwell, Harris, Santorum) outta there. I was even more pleased this morning when I woke up to the overnight results. I was thrilled that La Pelosi seems to be steering for a moderate course (instead of insta-payback; indeed, she seems to have laid some Italian grandma smackdown on the party hotheads, in her nice society-lady way) and that W seems to at least have dropped enough of the chip on his shoulder to be gracious to the Dem leaders. I heard that Montana had been declared for the Dem challenger as I was driving to an appointment, just as the President's news conference started, and drove back to the news that Rumsfeld was gone. Hoooooleeeeeee shit. That's a big flip. Long frackin' overdue.

It's a good day. I hope those who end up with jobs at the end of it all can work together to do something about finding the way forward.

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