Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Giving thanks

I had posted most of this on idasusan's journal, but it was too good to leave in comments.

I am thankful for, among other things:

Mom and Dad's good health (Mom is much better than she was a year ago)

good friends

wonderful food

the knowledge that i could go to St. Mark's or to a friend's if, God forbid, mom and dad weren't around

not being on call for the holidays

a clear beautiful Thanksgiving day in the Central Valley where i saw ALL my mountains, including my beloved Buttes

no road disasters or major traffic jams

the fact that when my oven broke, i was done baking

home warranty that should cover oven repair

having a savings cushion so that i could actually afford to replace my oven if necessary and don't have to worry about food or gas money

a pleasant clean house and purring kitties to come home to

lots of leftover turkey for me and the kitties

successfully making caramel for the first time (even if I did burn the toffee)

the fact that when I dropped the cruet this morning on the chapel carpet, it only had water in it

the fact that the cats held position when they were being cute long enough for me to get the camera. photos of Lucy doing a yoga stretch forthcoming

feeling energetic enough to clean

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