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you say you want a resolution ...

Well, the, um, matter of income for the time being has been resolved in my favor. The checks have started arriving.

The "second opinion" stove repair guy came out, looked at it, talked with me, and straightened out the home warranty people. (Me? Abuse my stove? Perish the thought.) So I might have an oven by Christmas, and not be on the hook for the $300 repair (or a $2000 replacement).

I baked eight dozen cookies at the church on Sunday and Monday for an ordination service and didn't get one of them. I bribed the very overworked kitchen staff (we didn't have quite as many volunteers as I was hoping) with them. R and K discovered the ganache (which I hadn't had a chance to scoop) and remaining PB cookie batter as we were closing the place down. Sugar Break! I will take advantage of E's kind offer to use her house to bake in the meantime. It's time for another round or two of the PB cups for Christmas presies and for Lessons and Carols on the 17th.

The homemade candy (yay! I didn't burn the toffee this time!) and the six dozen or so devilled egg halves went as well. Lucy sat in the kitchen and mewed at me while I peeled the eggs - apparantly she connects kitchen activity from me with turkey tidbits for her.

The whole event turned out well from a kitchen standpoint, even if we were way too understaffed and I was stressing for much of the setup. (I absented myself during the Eucharistic portion of the liturgy to finish up some tasks.) People had a good time at both. I even started enjoying myself after I ate dinner (caribou!) and participated in a lovely service that had a lot of great music (including a hauntingly beautiful solo by idasusan). The exit procession ended up going all the way around the church, through the halls, and up the stairs singing "We are marching in the light of God", which made me sing, dance, and clap when I heard them coming. Today my feet hurt and the rest of my body is a little sore but I am happy.

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