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No junk in my trunk!

Not only is there no junk in my car's trunk, there isn't anything at all. I am going shopping at the food bank tomorrow so needed to clear it out. It wasn't windy, wet, or particularly cold, and I'm semi-recovered from the bad cold I woke up with on Wednesday, so I hauled stuff out. The "car stuff" is reduced to a small amount that is in one of the footwells, and just about everything currently in the passenger seat is stuff I need to haul over to the church. Which I am doing as soon as I have some tea and cookies.

In the process, I found my Tommy Singer necklace, one of my Waterman pens, and the mini-muffin pans I bought a while ago in the pile behind the driver's seat. Don't think I hadn't looked for the necklace and the pans there before. Several times. But I was verra verra pleased to see them both.

I am feeling righteous.

(A lot of it is in the sunporch, waiting for me to process. But I threw quite a bunch away.)



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Dec. 14th, 2006 11:49 pm (UTC)
You know where to find me for assistance on sunporch fu.

Cuz your my bud n' all.

I'm in ur sunporch
pwning ur stuff
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