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... and to all a good night!

Well, my bag is packed (liquids transferred to check baggage), I've had something to eat finally, the Important Papers are coming with me for processing, and the qats have been fed. Not everything has been done (hi Deb, I've got my ticket) but most of it has. The van arrives in about half an hour to take me to OAK.

I saw ayse briefly between her arrival from Japan and her toodling off in the car with the dogs to Minny-Soda. She missed the "aftershock" quakes we had last night and this morning.

Miss Lucy has especially enjoyed the cat tree that auntie cat_herder gave to her. She also had an Adventure in the church office when I took her in for an intro.

Miss Lucy and Miss Maggie have had chicken. mmmm mmmm.

Don't know if I'll be online between now and Wednesday, so sending the Holiday Luv your way.
Tags: cats, church, friends, holidays, lucy
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