Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
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State of the Farmgirl

I had resolved to blog more - ALL my blogs - after New Year's, but I got the Death Cold instead. This is a bit of a catch-up, more later.

* Christmas plane travel was ghastly, and probably gave me the Death Cold, but the holiday was fine.

* I've started doing something resembling cooking again - baby steps, but brain is ticking along in normal directions.

* I still have no oven. ETA next week.

* I did, however, rediscover my crock-pot (SIL got a crockpot cookbook for Christmas and it inspired me).

* I went off to Seattle over Epiphany weekend and had a grand old time. I also managed to hit it between wind/snowstorms ;).

* I am looking a little harder for new work. I had my first interview today, and basically flubbed the panel part, but my reaction was
"I know what went wrong" and "I can do better next time". I need to pay more attention to tech stuff - the three months off the clock are catching up with me ;).

* The cold in the house makes me not want to get out of bed, but at least I stow the laptop underneath so I can get going.

* Maggie and Lucy seem to be constantly fighting these days. I got back from Seattle and there were tufts of white fur on the carpet. Maggie seems to be losing the battle for dominance. I have considered adding one or both of Lucy's cousins that simplykimberly is taking care of to change the dynamic, but I'm somewhat afraid it would be "two against Maggie". I wonder if my vet would make me a deal.

* The insurance company failed to process my COBRA payment (which was sent in before the deadline), so I've been dealing with Walgreen's and the HR department and the #@$% insurance for the last three days to get my prescriptions. Single payer all the way baybee!

* I'm thinking of trying to finish at least one of the unfinished quilt tops I have around here - if this is anything like last time I was looking for work, that means I will get a good offer shortly.

That's all for now ...

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