Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Monkeys for peace and other misc

I am mildly amused by the tiny images various sites have available for their IE bookmarks. All the bookmarks I have for yahoo hotjobs (the main site and the individual postings saved) seem to have acquired a peace sign in the last day (and I do check these a lot). Make money, not war!

Have been spending much of the last couple days actually doing job-hunt stuff instead of dinking around or napping. Went through the previously saved listings, sent things off, and found some more avenues to pursue (one with someone I used to work with at Chiron - THAT one is getting done FIRST). I decided to take advantage of the mild weather and reward myself for getting some things done by getting a pedicure. I now have very pink toes and a very relaxed lower back (the new chairs at this place are massage chairs - super kewl!). When I finish this current round of job stuff I'll take myself to the "Amazing Grace" movie (matinees r us).

I went next door to Stonemountain to get some monkey fabric for this little guy. After a run of deaths and terminal illnesses in my social circles, crap weather, feeling bad, no movement on the job front, Maggie getting an abcess and looking like Frankenkitty for a while, etc., this was, no two ways about it, a miracle. Well, I think that all babies are miracles, but this one seems to have dropped out of the sky. M and L had noooooooo idea what was about to hit them. The parish is in a state of "*SQUEEEEE*". I've been cheerful all week just to think of it.

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