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Summer is a-cumen in ...

We've had our pre-summer heat wave the last couple of days.

I have spent a fair amount of it napping (I tend to want to do this on hot days) and Lucy spent most of Monday and Tuesday under the bed. She went under there when cat_herder came over, but decided that dark was ok.

It has been cooling down over the last couple of days. I was happy yesterday when I was comfortable in a linen blouse and slacks that would have been too warm on Monday. And today was even cooler, though still pleasant; I needed to cover up for my nap, and I woke to find both cats curled up next to me.

I had been considering going out for ice cream this afternoon, but the wind is up, so tomorrow will probably be back to Foggy Bottom.

The Berkeley cottage gardens, with their jasmine, rose, and other flowers, are just wonderful, and the heat has brought out the smells. Ahhhhh. On Monday I could smell the honeysuckle on the back fence from the porch, and that's not a short distance.
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