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Slouching towards dailiness

The sweetened condensed milk and bacon routine is still doing me a lot of good. I haven't done much in the job world this week thanks to being Sneezy McSneezerson from the Clan McSneeze, but I sent out about 20 resumes out last week (YAY for me!) and I've remembered to pay my bills this week.

I seem to be better able to face the tasks of the day as they come. I *did* miss out on Weds chapel with katesma and Mr. themagdalen because I didn't check the time first and was off by 1/2 hour, but I had a pleasant walk through North Berkeley anyway and bopped down the hill to get some allergy meds and a calzone at the Cheese Borg. ("I didn't know you made these." "We only have them on Wednesday afternoons, from about noon to about two.")

I also have a New Favorite snack: Lundberg's Rice Chips. Currently on special at Whole Paycheck, they are an interesting texture and flavor cross between thin cornchips and crunchy but boring rice cakes. All organic and they're nice people too (they farm up in the Sacramento Valley and my mom knows them).

There is much that is good going on; 1ginko did a Friday Five of her own, and I am still thankful for/made happy by (in no particular order):

* sweetened condensed milk and bacon
* the bebes (and my cousin has a new granddaughter!)
* the flowers that bloom in the spring, esp. roses
* feeling better
* the kittehs

and since I had to stop at five there but not here: strawberries in season, the first peaches at the Farmer's Market, dinner at Sea Salt with cat_herder, my friends, my communities, better prospects, new clothes, my new glasses, the rice chips, music, and the fact that many of my friends are finding things to be grateful for and happy about.
Tags: food, friends, gratitude

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