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Monday, Monday

I haven't gotten around to either doing my Monday morning tidy-up (deferred from yesterday afternoon because I was just tired after an active weekend and vegged out around the house) or my EFM homework because I've been talking to potential employers off and on this morning.

Somehow I think this is ok ;).

I did manage to collect some more linky love to potential openings last night (while telling myself I was a damn fool because nobody posted their stuff on Sundays). Will probably start cracking on them tomorrow so I can get the cleanup and homework done. Need to find my OTC allergy meds in any case as I am feeling a bit sinusy today.

Energy levels remain generally positive. I started randomly singing around the church as I was doing my pre-set up for Hot Meals on Saturday, which is always a good sign. I managed to make it through till cleanup started, which is very good. (Although I was very cranky on Sunday morning because I couldn't find my keys.)

The weather is nice (if a bit windy) and I have some new and very cute tops (Clicky!), thanks to my Ebay blitz last week. Between them and the new glasses I am definitely not feeling like a frump, which is all for the good.