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Meezer Manor

Yesterday I went outside to encourage Maggie to come in, which she did. As I stood on the back landing and heard her jingling up the driveway, I saw a cat that looked a lot like her taking the shade by the fig tree.

"You're not my kitty, but you look like her."

After Maggie was safely in the house, I went to investigate and approached the cat carefully.

The cat was friendly - allowed him/herself to be scritched. S/he (no I didn't check the back) is Another Interesting Combination: blue eyes, beautiful chocolate tail and streak on back, mostly white coat, dark legs, and a totally grey tabby face.

S/he was not wearing a collar, so no name, but was obviously cared for; there was a shaved patch (growing back in) and a small scar on his/her left cheek, similar to what poor Maggie had.

Retaliation? Or a victim of the same paw?

S/he didn't look to be a part of the descendants of Evil the Cat tribe who live on the corner.

The tuxedo next door and the Mysterious Black Cat came out to visit while I was there.
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