Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ (berkeleyfarm) wrote,
Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ

Hump Day

Well, the two humpback whales who took a wrong turn at the Golden Gate and ended up in Sacramento didn't break for the open Pacific last night, like I thought. They're apparently taking the waters around Tiburon and Angel Island. Good idea to rest after swimming thirty miles in about seven hours, nu?

My burst of activity was late in the day yesterday, after the whales finished theirs. I was sitting around not feeling particularly well, and grumping about not feeling like doing anything constructive. I did, however, send out about ten resumes after 5 - good thing, as I have fifty more saved listings to get through and watching the one list shrink and the other grow is Extremely Helpful.

The userpic is due to the latest cuteness around the house. Maggie changes her sleeping spots about weekly. Lately it has been close to me on the bed, right next to the other pillow and about 18" away (easy petting range). Lucy is the one who usually sleeps in that area, so she is Extremely Interested in these proceedings. When I turn the lights off, she hops off the basket on the cedar chest (another location that she and Maggie dispute) and tries curling herself between me and Maggie (shades of cat_herder's late Ginger!). I mean, you can see the little kitty brain gears going - "when can I make my move?" Maggie objects, Lucy leaves, and when I conk out I can usually see the kitty lump outline on the basket.

But when I wake up ... Lucy is next to me, and next to Maggie. They don't even usually have drama when they wake up, although one of them (usually Lucy) will shift position (usually because I have).

(anyway, my Moochie icons remind me of Lucy - she's a calico, but she does resemble tuxedos from certain angles)
Tags: cats, job hunt, lucy, maggie, news

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