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Birthday Week Doings

The weekend was a pretty good one. I was active but managed to not get overtired, thanks to strategically timed naps.

On Saturday I got to schnorgle baby Benjamin, who is HOME AT LAST. I went off to do my Saturday shopping and brought home a half pie from the Cheese Board. Nap after consumption. Then I went out to Alameda (without getting lost) for a "U2Charist" at Christ Church Alameda. I had bigtime fun singing along - was in good practice thanks to the long road trip down to my brother's in late April.

Went to early service Sunday, off to Trader Joe's afterwards, had breakfast, napped. Went back to church at 3:30 to start the ball rolling for the Evensong reception. Fortunately we had a lot of helpers so it was more fun than the skeleton crew last time. Good thing, too, as we had a far higher attendance than normal - the guest artist was a just-graduated-from-HS phenom from Pinole and he brought about fifty people with him! I could barely make my way through the crush to check on bottles, supplies, and the like. But we had perfect weather, and A Good Time Was Had By All.

Today, I have a phone interview with a Highly Desirable Company (at which cat_herder works) and my last-for-the-season EFM class.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting my folks at the Jelly Belly factory and we're going to do the tour, and then have lunch together. Anyone local who loves Belly Flops, speak up. Delivery can be arranged.

Wednesday, I have an interview for a contract job out in San Ramon. (urgh 9 am urgh)

Thursday (actual b-day), I have an interview for another Highly Desirable Job at a local university.

Nothing else on the schedule at the moment for Friday. Weekend will be busy as it is my Regularly Scheduled Volunteer Weekend. But I'm enjoying the return of nice weather, and the loooooong daylight of approaching midsummer.

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