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The Numbers Game

I had just gotten back from my interview in San Ramon (I was there on time, "on" despite missing breakfast, and it went surprisingly well - contract job, but good rate) and got a call on the telephone from cat_herder's employer, asking me back for a second interview. Hallelujah, praise to Jesus.

I am apparently one of four for the contract and one of two (eep) for the other job. I'm feeling things getting closer, but I really want to do some tech prep for the two hour panel (*GULP*) with the entire team. (E, if you know any of the unix or windows admins well enough to talk me up, please feel free to do so.)

Today's interview was a lot of "what would you do if you saw ..." - some technical situations, some people management. I had some v before I went in, but I also thought I did better because I had a good vibe from the people there and I was in a face-to-face situation so could use body language, etc., to convey my point. At one point I did have to throw my hands up and say "I've done it, but I have to confess that I've forgotten what it's called." It seemed to have been recieved well.

Interview at Cal State tomorrow. Not sure what X is for "1 of X" there.

Coffee (and food) now. Nap, too, I think, after the food. I am feeling a bit of a headache - not sure if it's the lack of caff or something else. I had a remarkably mellow and at-speed drive out to San Ramon during commute because I took a Sneaky Back Way through the canyons, and the drive back up 680/24 was even speedier, and I got to admire the lion-colored hills all the way around, so I think it's just "need more coffee". (Although considering that I ate all my Jelly Belly samples *AND* an icecream sandwich yesterday, it could be a sugar hangover ;).) I might hit the new Holy Land on College for lunchies just so I can have some more Ici icecream afterwards. How kind of someone to arrange ice-cream weather around my birthday ;). My late grandmother Alice, she of the traditionalist cake-and-icecream-for-birthdays bent, would be pleased.

ETA - last entry's bowl of cherries userpic was prescient, as my parents gifted me with a large bag of homegrown Bings when I saw them yesterday. Yummers. I might finally get around to making some minestrone (and updating my food blog?) when I get back if it's not Too Hot to Cook.
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