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On the edge

I felt a little better on Friday due to the home remedies (and finding a non-home remedy), which was good because I had two interviews, one in person and one on the phone (at 4:30, when I was wiped). I also managed to order and pay for a cake for a celebration on Sunday.

The latter, for a long-term contract, is very interested in me post phonescreen. I'd prefer a Real Job with Real Insurance, etc., especially if it's cat_herder's employer, but if that doesn't pan out, this contract is right up my alley, non-icky commute (BARTable or reverse drive - it's in Walnut Creek), and paying my rates for 4-6 months. Also, high probability of the 40-hour-and-that's-all week, as I wouldn't be doing actual production support.

I'd really like to hear from the Employer of the Herder of Qatz real soon now, though, (like, the next couple of days) because I wouldn't like to commit to the contract and then bail. This is very, very, VERY anxiety-provoking, although the good news is probably that I'll be employed soon one way or another.

(Spare a prayer/thought/whatever for me.)

I crashed hard on Friday night with a case of the gibbers. I woke up sicker on Saturday. Sneezy, runny nose, headache like tarnation. I went to the market late, because my brother called to wish me a belated birthday. I was able to relate the eclair story, which he appreciated. I went to the farmer's market and got peaches and tomatoes (YAY) and then to the Cheese Borg, Safeway, and the Virginia Bakery to pick up the cake. Headed home and realized, oh yeah, this is for coffee hour so I should go to the church. Dropped off the stuff and scraped myself home - headache was very severe by then, possibly aggravated by the breeze.

Fortunately I had remembered to buy Alka-Seltzer Cold at Safeway. Got home, took one, conked completely out. No headache when I woke up. Went back to bed early after waking up (after a TJ's run for food), and set alarm for early to make the banana bread (which I felt I was too tired to do on Saturday night).

Woke up, was awake, took a shower. Made the bread, got to church in plenty of time, was very pleased that I dropped the stuff off the day before because all I had to schlep was the banana bread and my knives. As a note, the Domestic Goddess banana bread is perfectly fine with Earth Balance margarine instead of butter. I made it for my 5 yo dairy-allergic buddy, but I'm not surprised he wasn't there, as his daddy was no doubt busy snapping pictures of the Piskie contingient at the Pride Parade.

Had my traditional Sunday afternoon nap after church. Then went to Ici yet again for David Lebowitz's book signing (and free icecream!). Got back in line for a non-freebie because I enjoyed my Olallieberry so much.

Tomorrow the anxiety starts again. I am, however, heartened by the fact that I seem to be waking up naturally at about 5 am, which is "normal" for me, even if I decided to snooze some more later. I am also moving around a lot easier. I wore one of my cute new sundresses from Ebay today. I am definitely planning to do my Monday morning let's-pretend-the-cleaners-are-coming house pickup, and will start the ball rolling by running the dishwasher tonight in my post-icecream bliss.


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Jun. 25th, 2007 05:09 am (UTC)
So, if the contract job makes a firm offer, call the employer of herders of cats and say, "Look, I have this offer in hand and have to respond. Your position sounds more attractive to me, and I'd like to know if I'm still being considered for it."

I've gotten this call as a hiring manager and as long as it's not obvious that the person making the call is totally unqualified for the position and just trying to create a fake bidding war (which is obviously not the case for you), it's a good nudge to make me get off my ass and say yes or no.

Of course, I want you to work there so we can have drinkies after work or something.
Jun. 25th, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks, this will help the anxiety monsters considerably.

Jun. 25th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
A fistful of valium is also indicated.
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