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friday listing

When 1ginko posted her summer list, I made one, and then promptly didn't do much about it. themagdalen has been making litses as well.

After the excitement interspersed with periods of cold-related torpor of the last couple of days, I need to get back to "baby steps".

The big thing on the list - "get a job" - is pretty much almost sorted out. Once that is complete, I need to call my parents, and also call the other offer. And then ... I have a lot of other work to do. So I'm going to do a smaller list for the next couple of days. My reward will be dinner at La Med with icecream after when the Crunchy Frog visits tomorrow afternoon. (I'm systematically working my way through the Ici lineup. I think I'll try either the plum sorbet or the chicory-chocolate chip.)

ETA: I ended up doing some paperwork for the new job instead, but I at least got a chance to swing by and visit my former cow-orkers. Currently eating a Genova sammich because I hadn't eaten since 10. Cold may be worse tomorrow because I was walking around, but the exercise can't hurt.

find right-to-work docs
put clean church laundry in car so to not to forget to deliver it
keep washing hot meals tablecloths (2 6 of about 10 all the ones I had at home done)
check when housecleaners are coming next
eat the peach
pay mortgage online
pay paper bills
pick up dry cleaning
mail off last UI claim
schedule oil change for car
get and change lightbulbs (@pastime)
new litter box for Lucy (@pastime) thank you auntie cat_herder!
trader joe's for groceries (eggs, produce, goat cheese esp)
cheese borg for bread and muffins
hook up old computer and find usb cable for pix
unload and reload dishwasher
general pre-cleaners house tidy (partially done)
over weekend, get work clothes washed and pressed
over weekend, make or obtain some work-suitable lunches and pack containers
over weekend, juice the raspberries for truffles
find The Book of Minasi and other books for work
call cleaners and ask them to let Lucy out post-clean
try making Clotilde's tomato-goatcheese tart
Tags: organization, work

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