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First week done

It's the weekend ... for real!

I am trying to catch up on House and Life Business, as well as my email. I ended up napping both July 4 and today, so am a bit behind on the email, etc.

I did not make soup (for lunches and more) on Wednesday because of naptime. I did, however, spend about 20 minutes going through my cabinets looking for unexpired veggie broth and pitching all the expired cartons. That felt good. Then hanging out with abooth and bunnywithanaxe.

I went and had a plateful of MEAT with the ever-fab cat_herder and ayse. Then we saw the movie Ratatouille, which was a fun film. (Note to the teens who were in our row: if you're going to spend the time getting up and down, and talking with each other instead of watching, you should wait for the DVD and watch it at home.)

As I was driving down Shattuck late Wednesday, I noted the movie "Waitress" was playing at Shattuck Cinemas (web page). Anyone local up for an expedition soon to see a movie about PIE? Showtimes at (1:45 4:20) 6:50 9:15.

(The icecream weather seems to have suddenly gone away, but an early show would leave time for a pie run chez Fatapple or Betty.)


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Jul. 8th, 2007 12:52 am (UTC)
I can skip the animal shelter 10 minutes early to get to the 4:20 showing or we can go the the 6:50 showing. If we do 6:50, I vote for Betty. Otherwise, she might be closed afterwards. I never turn down ice cream. That's what sweaters are for.
Jul. 8th, 2007 01:25 am (UTC)
of course I could swing by in the am and get a pie ... if she still has the apricot I'm buyin'. I need to pick up my prescription anyway.

Icecream is also a possibility. (I'm seeing the sweater wisdom.)

4:20 would work better for me, I think.
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