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The best-laid plans ...

I begged off the movie-going plans for Sunday afternoon because I was a bit tired and also "socialed out". I looked forward to a quiet afternoon at home - relaxing in my room, cleaning up, and cooking.

Little did I know that my next-door neighbors had scheduled a party.

At about three pm, the live thrash metal band (with screaming vocalist) started playing. This was apparently quite an event, as pretty much every parking spot on the street and in the alley was occupied (rare here).

I was able to go down for a nap with Lucy (I *was* tired, and I had just eaten something soporific) but it was still playing five-ish when I woke up. I let Maggie in, and both cats sat on the foot of the bed looking at the noise source with a "WTF ..." look on their faces.

It was a little better when I moved into the kitchen to make some soup, but it was still unpleasantly loud and I was getting increasingly cranky.

I managed to escape at about 7:40 under pretext of taking some food to casa Magdalena. (I was about to escape for dinner and ice cream.) They warned me that the bebe was fussy, but even when he was fussiest, he was still quite a bit more bearable than live thrash metal.

I decided to swing by for ice cream afterwards - at 8:40 pm Sunday, the line at Ici was the longest I've seen. (As I joked, "it's not like anything much else is open.") But the buzz was distinctly non-amplified, and pleasant, and my gingersnap ice cream was tasty.

By the time I got home at 9:30, the party had switched to acoustic music, although there was one drunk screamer.

I felt hung over when I got up in the morning, and my interactions with Assholes on the Road en route to shopping last night (note to self: do not shop at Trader Joe's on a Monday night) didn't help. I got home as soon as possible and crashed, with two purring kitties by my side.

Feeling a bit better today but still feel that my space has been violated and still have a "hangover" headache. If tonight is as nice as last night was, I should be right as rain by the time I fall asleep tonight - my big plans are a nice pasta-and-tomatoes dinner and the All-Star game.

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