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Berkeley Farm Girl

Livin' La Via Media, Baby

Charlotte (CLB)'s LJ
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I seem to be reading and read by people I don't know IRL, so just to let you know: feel free to "friend" this journal if you like, but I may or may not reciprocate. Nothing personal; I'm trying to manage my time. The LJ-listed email address goes into my primary email account. You can also leave a confidential entry on my post-dated first entry (it's screened).

For those of you who don't know me IRL, I'm a tall bookish brunette from the Midwest of California, currently settling into fairly cheerful spinsterhood in a Happy Little Bungalow in the Berkeley fogbelt. Ex-fundie turned happy Episcopalian, pointing the way to God through sarcasm (snark and caffiene are my anti-drugs), wacky humor, semi-random acts of kindness, and homemade truffles. English major and ex-New Wave medievalist turned computer sysadmin (Windows variety) and fledgling Computer Security B*tch.

I have three cats, all on the tortie-calico spectrum (for which I blame my late Maya; she was a Very Fine Cat Indeed): Maggie, a goofy part-siamese who was abandoned on my best friend's next door neighbor's front porch, Lucy, a feral rescue calico who turns into The Monster Under the Bed when visitors come, and now Ocho (Ochita) who got rescued from a wierd home situation by one of the People Who Lives in My Computer and arrived on an Alaska Airlines jet.

I haven't been updating either my food blog or my faith blog lately, but I keep meaning to. Sometimes I wonder where to draw the line because a lot of my food-related activity seems to be feeding the multitudes in one way or another at my church :).
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